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Textra SMS is that kind of Android app you come across from time to time, that does exactly what you want it to do in exactly the right way: texting.

Designed to blow your run-of-the-mill, default texting app right out of the water, Textra SMS adds +800 different emoji and a neat little drop down text box to respond to messages directly from your notifications bar.

Plus, Textra lets you completely customize the whole app. Choose to completely redesign your messaging interface including the option to pick from over 20 different color schemes and even switch between a dark mode (by default) or a brighter interface.

Textra SMS is a simple yet functional SMS client that provides you with everything you'd expect from a texting app and a whole lot more. That said, those of you out there who are partial to using Hangouts will find that the undisputed king of SMS and messaging on Android still reigns.
By Erika Okumura
The best SMS apps for Android

The appearance of IM apps has rocked how we communicate. Whether you use WhatsApp, Telegram, or another of their many variants, chatting is easier than ever thanks to the immediacy and cost of sending each message – that is, exactly $0.00. This has turned the SMS – formerly king of the mobile realm – into an essentially residual service. Oddly, though, they remain important due to the growing number of services that use them to send info or two-step verification codes. Since it looks like the SMS as a medium isn't going anywhere, we've done you a favor and picked the best free SMS apps for Android to replace the default one on your phone.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher